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I currently work as a copywriter for Zendesk.

As a freelance contributor, I do ongoing work with newly-born advertising agency FunWorks to develop short videos for clients like Ploom and HipChat. I also write articles for the Specialty Food Association



I have contributed to The Bold ItalicChannel 101Killing My Lobster, KQED Pop,  Attractive CampNarcissists Anonymous' Big Fun Time Live, Nightlife at the California Academy of Sciences, and Panelmonium.

I worked with eCommerce startup Sadie to improve their web copy and write marketing materials like this website and this whitepaper.

I wrote many of the founding communications materials for the Pathways Center for Education and Entrepreneurship, Pazardjik, Bulgaria.

In 2012, I wrote for Pooch Collection, a dog boarding startup that connects dog owners with dog lovers. You can find my work here.

I also developed communications materials for CrowdCompass, a Portland-based company that builds customized events for apps. 

I learned about digital content strategy while working at Inkling, an interactive eBook startup. I also helped re-write internal documentation, client-facing onboarding materials, and support documents.